Jack Ma has been MIA for over two months

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has not made a public appearance for two months now and people have started asking where he could be. – By Stephanie Mwangi

Jack ma who is also the Alibaba founder also did not appear for the final episode of his major talent show African Business Heroes. Which aims at helping African entrepreneurs and the winner gets to win 1.5 million USD.

He was supposed to be among the judges but he was replaced by an executive from the Alibaba franchise. In the finals which took place in November.

One of the spokesman of Alibaba said that he could not take part in the show because there was a ‘schedule conflict’

Jack ma was referred to as the compassionate and unconventional billionaire he was even referred to as “father ma “he is praised for his good deeds he also remembers being rejected by Harvard University 10 times.

Something people didn’t know is that Ma is a member of the communist party something Ma never spoke about.

He previously stated that he preferred to keep the state at arm’s length and that his philosophy is to be in love with the government but never marry them.

“But perhaps the biggest challenges remain ahead as the size and scale of his business mean that relationship may be negotiated. “ tweeted Jack on October 10th 2020

Alibaba started out in his bedroom in Hangzhou china which later became an online shopping revolution and grew into a giant franchise all around the globe

And as his fortune began to grow Ma rebranded as a philanthropist u=in 2019 retiring from business and he began focusing on charity acts.

He really helped African countries with the supplies for Covid -19 mid last year