Kakamega renowned Physician, Dr. Alusiola Succumbs to Covid-19

A day ago, I wrote an article urging govt to Lockdown Kakamega county. I quoted that Senior consultant doctor, Dr. Alusiola was in ICU at Kisumu”s Aghakhan. Also admitted was his wife & son, all on ventilators.

This night, I am getting a confirmation that our good heart and chest doctor has passed on. Covid-19 has claimed another high flying Kakamegian. He joins CHIEF OF STAFF Robert Sumbi and Mabel Muruli the governor aspirant.

Alusiola has been the most sort after specialized doctor in Western region. Many of us plus our loved ones are alive today because Alusiola worked on us. KAKAMEGA is slowly grinding to a halt due to Covid. The county Headquarters has already been shut down.

P.A.G Amalemba shut down, Shikusa prison shut down, Nabongo hospital shut down, Kakamega GK prison had been closed down, but now opened,

Several ordinary wananchi around Amalemba estate are infected. Many mysterious deaths reported especially of old people. Most are not even aware. These go without mentioning the locals either hospitalized, home based care or in ICU. We have no more ICU BEDS in Western region.

Schools are playing it down so as to to raise emotions. But all our boarding schools in Western are Covid positive habitations. Dr, Alusiola has been in contact with many Kakamega county residents. Your guess is as good as mine. Kakamega is now an epicenter of COVID 19.