Kalonzo Rallies Azimio MPs To Reject Proposed Finance Bill 2024

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has directed Azimio Members of Parliament to reject the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

Addressing the media on Friday, June 14, Kalonzo said the opposition lawmakers should be on the front line rejecting the bill.

“All well-meaning Kenyans must oppose the Finance Bill 2024 and have thus instructed all our parliamentary members to lead from the front in rejecting this punitive bill in totality,” said Kalonzo.

The former Vice President noted that if the 2024 finance Bill is passed as it is, Kenyans must be ready to tighten their belts.

“Ordinary Kenyans, mama mboga, boda boda riders and the people of mjengo and mkokoteni have nothing to gain from this bill because Kenya kwanza is targeting them for the second time with a double taxation plan that aims to increase taxes by approximately 24,000 shillings per adult Kenyan per year,” Kalonzo claimed.

The Wiper party leader pointed out that the proposed 2.5 percent Motor Vehicle Tax would raise the cost of car ownership and high insurance rates.

“It is predicted to have an effect on transportation and logistics industries therefore increasing the cost of living via a multiplayer effect,” Kalonzo stated.

The Azimio principal pointed out that the eco levy would be detrimental to Kenyans and would see the cost of basic products including bread and cooking oil going up.

“For instance, the Sh150 levy per kilo of plastic packaging will increase the cost of a 400-gram loaf of bread by Sh9 from Sh 65 to Sh 74, one liter of cooking oil by 16.81 shillings from sh300 to Sh 316.81,” he added.

Further Kalonzo lauded Kenyans who have texted their MPs to reject the 20204 Finance Bill saying the move will eventually become a norm in Kenya.

“We salute Kenyans who have used text messaging, phone calls, and social media initiatives to urge their legislators to listen to their constituents and vote no. This specific assertiveness and engagement will eventually become the norm,” Kalonzo remarked.