World Blood Donor Day 2024; 20 Years of Celebrating Giving: Thank You Blood Donors

    Annually observed on June 14th, World Blood Donor Day is an international event honouring and expressing gratitude to individuals who freely and selflessly donate their blood to save lives.

    It is commemorated on Karl Landsteiner’s birthday, the discovered the ABO blood type system.

    The theme for World Blood Donor Day 2024 is “20 Years of Celebrating Giving: Thank You Blood Donors!” This theme underscores the key aspect of appreciating blood donors over the past two decades of donating blood voluntarily.

    World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) marking its 20th anniversary, was established in 2004 by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in collaboration with the International Society of Blood Transfusion, the International Federation of Blood Donor Organisations, and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

    Blood transfusions are essential to healthcare because they help patients who are in severe conditions and require blood or its components.

    They are essential in maternity and child care settings, as well as in times of natural or man-made disaster, because they facilitate intricate medical and surgical procedures.

    The Ministry of Health has urged Kenyans to participate in the celebration of saving lives on World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) today at the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) grounds in Marsabit.

    “Celebrate #WorldBloodDonorDay with us on June 14th at KMTC Grounds, Marsabit County! Your blood donation can save lives. #donateblood,” said MOH.

    In a nation where seven Kenyans need a blood transfusion every ten minutes, every drop matters.