KAM Joins Govt on the Affordable Housing Programme With the Aim of Creating Job Opportunities and Wealth

    Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) engaged the Principal Secretary, State Department for Housing and Urban Development, Mr Charles Hinga, on the affordable housing program and preferential procurement opportunities for the local industry.

    PS Hinga noted that “The government is keen on re-planning our cities and building affordable housing for Kenyans, as we seek to rejuvenate the economy. The Affordable housing program seeks to mitigate an existential housing risk in the country, by providing decent housing for Kenyans.”

    He added, “My State Department is keen on working with local manufacturers in actualizing this program whose implementation will not only drive the growth of local manufacturing sector and the jua kali sector, but also create jobs for Kenyans.”

    Among the key areas of deliberation include: The need for a local sourcing framework that shall support the sourcing of building and construction products and accessories from Kenyan industries. Prompt payment to address liquidity constraints that arise from delayed payments.

    KAM Deputy Head of Policy, Research, and Advocacy Ms. Miriam Bomett stated that the Association and its members are dedicated to collaborating with the government to generate wealth and jobs for the nation.

    The participants decided to create a framework to guarantee local sourcing as a next step. During the meeting, KAM Sector Leaders under the categories of Building, Mining and Construction Sector, Metal Sector, and Timber and Furniture Sector were joined by representatives from the State Department.

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