KDF Donates 130 Million To The Drought Mitigation Fund

President William Ruto received donations to the National Drought Mitigation Appeal Fund on Friday from the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and other private sector players.

Several organizations presented cheques at State House to aid the country’s drought relief efforts.

KDF contributed Ksh 130 million to the kitty. Equity Bank contributed Ksh 120 million, Safaricom contributed Ksh 50 million, Kenya Commercial Bank contributed Ksh 10 million, and Middle East Bank of Kenya contributed Ksh 2 million.

The Kenya Cooperative Bank also contributed to the fund.

Other contributions to the fund totaled Ksh 29 million.

KDF had promised to forego one day of pay in order to raise funds to assist the country in dealing with the effects of a severe drought.

President Ruto last month established the National Steering Committee on Drought Response, which is led by Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa.

The committee was tasked with leading the Kenya Red Cross-sponsored National Drought Mitigation Appeal Fund, which will work to raise funds to support the government’s drought response program and mitigate the effects of the drought in the country.

The committee is also in charge of advocating for policies that will protect affected populations from the effects of the ongoing drought, such as the cash transfer program.

The Committee will serve for a year and will present its findings to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.