Why Overloaded Drivers Pay Fines In Dollars

Kenya National Highways Authority has urged trucking companies to comply with stipulated axle load limits to avoid hefty dollar fines as stipulated in the East African Community Schedule.

Responding to concerns on why the authority charges fines in dollars, KeNHA engineer in charge of Axle load enforcement Michael Ngala said the EAC Schedule protects roads that connect the East African countries.

“The EAC Schedule — The law protects roads that connect East Africa. These roads are maintained through a pooling of funds by the three countries, as well as African partners. The law that is adopted in all East African countries is to ensure uniform compliance to axle load limits across the region. Not just Kenya.”

Eng. Ngala stated that the agency will do everything possible to protect Kenya’s premier roads that are being destroyed by heavy trucks.

“Kenya’s regional trunk roads are among the best in the whole of East Africa. This is due to over Ksh 3 trillion investment. We will not allow overloaded trucks to destroy this infrastructure,” he said.

Ngala stated that owners of overloaded trucks must pay fines within three days or face heavy parking fees.

“We give overloaded truck owners a 3-day grace period to pay overloading fees.” After that, we charge $50 every day.” he stated.

Ngala warned truckers not to overburden themselves and to avoid incurring excessive expenses.

KeNHA has registered success in stopping transporters from overloading.

Currently, some 99% of Transit trucks are compliant, while 90% of local trucks are compliant.

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