Kenya, Japan Begin Project To End Land Degradation Issues

Written By Vanessa Kariuki || 

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry has Partnered With the Japanese Government to Solve Land Degradation Issues 

With the assistance of the Japanese government and UNDP Kenya, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry developed a one-year catalyst project called Forestry and Land Restoration Action for Kenya’s NDCs to help combat land degradation (FLaRAK).

Supporting counties in integrating land use planning into their county-integrated development plans, enhancing forest extension services, and reforestation and land restoration in the Cherangany-Elgeyo hills ecosystem, Suswa-Magadi, and Kakamega forest are just a few of the activities that are being done.

Suswa is one of the Kenyan Rangelands’ high-degradation areas. Extreme soil degradation, the loss of productive land, and significant siltation in Lake Magadi have all been caused by the area’s intense gully development, which has raised soda-ash production costs.

To reduce the destructive effects of rainwater on these farms and to ensure that the gullies eventually heal, mitigation measures were put in place, such as the installation of terraces, gabions, and ponds.

As part of an inspection tour of the Suswa Magadi ecosystem program run by Ewaso Ng’iro South Development, Augustine Kenduiywo from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, UNDP Kenya Everlyne Koech, and local leaders from NarokCounty Government assessed the difficulties and advancements made thus far.