Nyandarua: Shock As Thieves Break Into Mortuary, Steal Body

An investigation is underway after suspected thieves broke into a mortuary in Nyandarua and stole a corpse.

The body was later kept in a septic hole a few meters from the mortuary by the thieves, according to police, to ensure it was not discovered.

The body of a 10-year-old boy named George Chege was stolen from the JM Kariuki Hospital morgue in Nyandarua, where it had been preserved.

The cause of the incident was not immediately determined.

On Wednesday, December 7, an attendant informed police that he had discovered a break-in at the facility.

The attendant was on his way to work around 8 a.m. when he noticed the main door was broken.

He called the cops, who arrived and realized that a corpse had been stolen. According to police, three doors in the aforementioned block were broken into.

The thieves broke into one of the mortuaries, removed the juvenile’s body, and fled with it.

A search was immediately launched in the area before the body was found in a septic hole outside the mortuary.

The body was recovered and returned to the mortuary by police, who were accompanied by fire department officials.

The body will be examined further, according to police. It is unclear what prompted the incident.

Police investigating the incident said they want to know how the boy died as part of their investigation.

According to police, the child’s parents, mortuary attendants, and guards are among those being questioned as part of the investigation into the incident.