Kenya Takes Significant Step in Transition to SHA With the Initiation of NHIF Asset Verification Exercise

Today’s launch of the NHIF Asset Verification Exercise was spearheaded by Cabinet Secretary for Health Nakhumicha S. Wafula, demonstrating the government’s commitment to a smooth transition process and a critical step towards the move to the Social Health Authority (SHA).

Nakhumicha stressed the significance of the verification exercise in her opening remarks, emphasising that it ensures an efficient transition without sacrificing service delivery.

She explained that recipients of the NHIF should not notice the change, other from the expected increase in service quality.

The purpose of the verification is to determine the assets and liabilities that NHIF possessed before to their transfer to SHA across its main office, branches, satellites, and different Huduma Centres.

This painstaking procedure maintains norms of accountability and transparency while also guaranteeing a seamless transition.

The government’s commitment to have SHA operating by July 1st was reaffirmed by CS Nakhumicha, who also stated that household registration would start in May.

She gave Kenyans the assurance that throughout this transitional phase, NHIF services will continue as usual.

In addition, she praised the Ministry of Health for its prompt payment of outstanding invoices for the NHIF, guaranteeing that all citizens will continue to have access to healthcare services.

Nakhumicha noted that the Social Health Insurance Act’s enactment and the creation of funds under the SHA represent significant steps towards the goal of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and acknowledged the hard work of the Transition Committee and cooperating ministries in achieving this goal.

The event was attended by Principal Secretary Medical Services and Ag. Director General for Health, and representatives from SHA and NHIF Boards.