Kenyan Flag And Famous Hakuna Matata Slogan Make It To New Emirates Artwork Design

Kenya’s national flag and the country’s most famous slogan Hakuna Matata will make a permanent feature at the Emirates Stadium, the home of 13-time English Premier League champions Arsenal, following the club’s reveal of a new artwork that will adorn the ground’s exterior.

In the design that was brought to life by Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller, critically acclaimed artist Reuben Dangoor and distinguished graphic designer David Rudnick, the Kenyan flag and slogan were represented in the ‘We All Follow Arsenal’ section that is inspired by the ‘supporters’ deep connection to the club, wherever they are in the world.’

According to Arsenal, “the eight new pieces of art that will transform the north London skyline and redefine the club’s home as a cultural landmark were designed to curate insight on the club’s heritage, culture and community in order to inspire what they stand for in 2023 and beyond.”

“While each piece of art has a different theme, they are unified in celebrating our rich history, community values and relentless pursuit of progress.

The project has only been possible thanks to the contribution of more than 100 supporters, legends and their families and a number of club staff. 

It began with a blank canvas and harnessed the passion, love and knowledge of our community across the world to create art that would express the pride they have in their club,” the club posted in a statement.