Kenyan Girl Assaulted In Albania Dies 3 Weeks After Jetting In

    A Kenyan lady who was rescued by the government from Albania on January 25 died of her injuries at the Kenyatta University Teaching and Referral Hospital on Monday, February 13.

    Her mother revealed in a statement that they hoped to get justice for her late daughter.

    “We have lost my daughter, I only hope that as a family we shall get justice,” she stated.

    The woman was airlifted to Kenya after being assaulted and thrown from a second-floor apartment in Tirana, Albania.

    It was claimed that she was in the apartment with five other people, four of whom were Albanians.

    Her mother travelled to Albania to see her but found her in a coma and in a desperate state, unable to recognise her.

    “I found my daughter in the ICU. She was on the ventilator and covered in a lot of machines. I did not recognise her. She had contractions and was all bandaged up,” the distraught mother explained.

    Doctors were concerned about her situation because she had not responded or woken up after receiving medication for six weeks.

    According to Albanian media reports, civil society activists staged protests and accused police of not conducting thorough investigations. They demanded that the woman receive justice.

    When she arrived in Kenya, she was received by Diaspora Principal Secretary Rose Njogu and Acting Health Director-General Patrick Amoth at Wilson Airport.

    She was then taken to the hospital and has been in critical condition since. She also required specialised neurological care, which Albania did not have.