Kenyans Steal Unga And Beans After Truck Flips On Thika Road

According to various reports, the lorry overturned shortly after 10 a.m. near Ndarugo - next to Juja.

On Saturday, March 25, traffic on Thika Road was disrupted after a lorry transporting maize and beans overturned on the busy highway.

According to various reports, the lorry overturned shortly after 10 a.m. near Ndarugo – next to Juja.

Motorists were filmed looting maize and beans in guinea bags, as most of them loaded the farm produce into their cars before driving away.

The overturned lorry obstructed traffic heading to Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD).

Other bystanders used boda boda to transport the loot even as police arrived to restore traffic flow.

Given the confusion witnessed on the highway, police focused on restoring the traffic to order.

Kenyans plying the route also called on the police to add more officers on the ground to deal with the looters who were making the situation worse.

“Traffic along Thika superhighway is being caused by Kenyans looting beans from the lorry involved in a bad accident,” one of the motorists lamented.

“Everywhere is clogged up including the service lanes. Road trip blues,” Andre Byama added.

Other motorists also sought to use other alternatives.

The cause of the accident was yet to be known by the time of publishing. However, preliminary reports indicate that the lorry lost control before hitting the side rail and overturning.