KFCB Board Urges Parents To Take Lead Role In Promoting Child Online Safety

    The Kenya Film Classification Board has called on parents and caregivers to be more vigilant and monitor the audio-visual content that their children consume on various platforms and guide them appropriately.

    Addressing Form Four parents, on Friday 17th February 2023, at State House Girls’, Nairobi, Ms. Emmah Irungu, KFCB’s Ag. Principal Compliance Officer, said that it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that children under their care are not exposed to age-inappropriate content.

    Where children have access to the internet and digital devices, including smartphones, Ms. Irungu advised parents to take deliberate steps to monitor what their young ones are consuming in order to guide them accordingly.

    “We advise parents to make use of the wide parental controls offered on various ICT devices and platforms as part of monitoring and guiding their children on responsible content consumption,” she said.

    She noted that KFCB recognizes the need for parents to be equipped with necessary skills and knowledge on how to parent effectively in the digital age, including handling tech-savvy children and staying informed on the emerging risks.

    Ms. Irungu sensitized the caregivers on the Parents Digital Literacy Program (PaDiL) that the Board unveiled recently in partnership with Netflix, Google and Tik Tok, among other stakeholders.

    The PaDiL is geared towards empowering parents and caregivers with the requisite skills to guide children on safe and responsible use of digital platforms and creative spaces.

    It also aims to create awareness on the effects of media content and emerging technologies on children as well as enhance parents awareness on emerging technologies.

    Ms. Irungu appealed to parents/caregivers to support the child online safety programs and campaigns that KFCB is spearheading in collaboration with other stakeholders.

    Mrs. Everlyne Nabukwesi, Principal State House Girls’, lauded KFCB for championing child online safety and creating safe spaces for children, especially on the internet.