Kibe and I are no longer close — Kamene Goro

During a Q and A on her Instagram page with her fans Kamene was asked by one of her fans if she misses working with Andrew Kibe,  who now owns an internet radio which talks about basically everything.

“Do you miss working with Kibe?”

False… I love and I am honored to work with Jalang’o

“You and Kibe are still friends?”

“False  …we grew apart .life happens.” she added.

Kibe and Kamene go all the way back to NRG radio where they both did a show together then moved on to kiss FM but then while at Kiss Kibe disagreed with his management and he quit that is when Jalang’o came in and replaced him and they went on to do the morning breakfast show from 6 am to 10pm.

Kamene also spoke about why she is still single and she said “I expect a lot from the man in my life and if I can’t get it I’d rather pursue my destiny on my own, I don’t come to the table empty-handed. Said Kamene