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Kibera woman Accuses Employer of ‘Forcing her to wash a DEAD man for 47 Days’

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BY LYNN KYALO – Drama surrounding the case of a Desparate employee who accused a businessman of forcing her to wash acorpse daily for 47 days took a nose dive at Kibera Law Courts today.

Penninah Awour, 28, told Kibera principal Magistrate Hon.Boaz Ombewa that onvarious occasions strange men have attacked her physically, asking why she was proceeding with the case against the Pangani-based businessman Ahmed Noor Abdi.

“My life is in danger, I met some strange men who beat me up immediately I left this court on February 21. I am asthmatic, I don’thave a job, and the case is adjourned every time it comes up for hearing. Since 2017 my case has been adjourned on the grounds that the doctor who is to testify on a medical report has not attended court,” she said.

She accused businessman Noor offorcing her to mix a detergent with warm water to clean the dead body that was rolled on a carpet and placed under her bed in 2017.

The body was injected every Fridayand Tuesday by a doctor who visitedthe bedroom with some drugs.

The matter had come up last Thursday for Noor’s defence and the doctor’s testimony. But the prosecution said that the doctor was held up elsewhere.

On April 4, Awour reported the delay of her case to Ombudsman. She reported that even after reporting the matter at Pangani Police Station some years ago, the case had been adjourned frequently without a strong reason.

She requested the commission to compel the court to fast-track the matter for her safety, the court documents shows.

The commission called the Kibera court and confirmed that all the arrangements had been made and that case will be sped up.

The magistrate ordered the doctor to avail himself on May 14 to testify on the matter failure to which an arrest warrant will be issued against him.

He ordered the complainant to report the threat to the police and get the OB number.Noor also faces other charges of assaulting Awour sexually.

He is accused of forcing himself on Awuor, and inappropriately touching her body.

However, Noor has since denied the charges and last Thursday, his witness told court that Awour was not assaulted but she was ‘only protesting her unpaid salaries’.

The witness told court that Awour decided to shout demanding her salary from the employer but nobody assaulted her.

Today the 5th of July, magistrate Hon Ombewa has dismissed the case saying the accused has no case to answer since there is no enough evidence that the accused is responsible for all he is alleged of.

The Doctor said the injury the complainant claims to have heard was fresh like a day or two yet the complainant claims she was assaulted while at the house, where accourding to the court and witnesses, she had stayed there for two days only and left though she claims to have been there for 47 days.

“She was employed as a househelp of the complainant on 27th september 2017 and left the house on 29th september 2017.” A lady that connected her with the employer testified.

There is no evidence or medical report to show that the accused was sexually asaulted as she claims. The issue of washing a dead body was raised during the hearing but was not as per the charges facing the accused because they didn’t appear on the charge sheet.

Mr Ahmed Noor Abdi has today 5th july 2019 been set free by principal magistrate Hon. B Obewa at the Kibera Law Courts and refunded any bonds he had given to the court.

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