Kilifi: Shock As Woman Strips Naked, Camps Outside Governor Mung’aro’s House

A woman shocked residents of Old Ferry in Kilifi Town on Tuesday morning when she stripped naked outside the home of area governor Gideon Mung’aro.

The woman was protesting that she had been repeatedly assaulted by an unidentified individual and that her quest for justice through the police service was being thwarted.

She claimed she had no choice but to do the unusual in order to attract the attention of people she believed could be of great assistance to her.

The woman, who we will not identify for ethical reasons, walked to the governor’s homestead around 10 a.m. wearing only her panty and a pair of sandals.

Mung’aro’s home guards refused her entry when she arrived at the main gate.

The woman claimed she went to the county boss’s house after learning he was out of the office.

However, her pleas fell on deaf ears, as the governor, whom she wanted to see, had already left home for official duties.

The woman left after nearly two hours of camping outside Mung’aro’s home, vowing to return to seek an audience with the county chief.

Curious onlookers who watched the drama unfold condemned the incident, saying the woman’s approach of stripping naked outside the governor’s homestead wasn’t the best way for her grievances to be addressed.

“If it was a must that she sees the governor, she should have gone to his office and request for an appointment with him. Stripping naked outside the governor’s homestead was embarrassing,” Joshua Keya, who works as a boda boda rider in Kilifi Town, said.

The woman is said to be a women’s and human rights activist in Kilifi County.