Kirinyaga: 14-Year-Old Boy Dies By Suicide

Graphi: THT

A 14-year-old boy from Kibingoti village in Ndia, Kirinyaga West, who was set to join secondary school after sitting for his KCPE exams in 2022 committed suicide for unknown reasons.

The boy’s father, James Gatithi, stated that he had cleared the boy’s fees and was preparing to send him to school when he learned of his untimely death.

“I stopped what I was doing and rushed back home to verify the news only to find that my son was no more. I had spoken to him a day earlier and he was in good spirits when I told him that I found a school for him,” said Gatithi.

The father stated that he had already paid the admissions fees and was given a receipt, which he gave to the boy.

Eunice Wanyaga, Gatithi’s sister, who joined the family in mourning, described the deceased as hardworking and obedient.

“The deceased and myself kept in constant communication and he never once told me that he was contemplating suicide. So his death came as a surprise to all of us,” said Wanyaga.

The boy’s body has since been moved to a nearby mortuary while his family prepares for his funeral.

The incident mirrors another case, reported in late December 2022 in the same area, where a grade four pupil committed suicide under unclear circumstances.

The high suicide cases in the area have raised concerns among residents and religious leaders alike.