Makau Mutua: We Will Stop At Nothing To Reclaim Our Victory

 Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga’s campaign secretariat spokesperson, Prof. Makau Mutua, has vowed that the coalition will reclaim their victory which he said was stolen in the August 9 General Elections.

Speaking in an interview with Citizen on Wednesday, Mutua said they will work within the constitutional framework as they fight to reclaim their stolen victory.

According to Mutua, the Azimio camp spent time gathering concrete evidence to back up their allegations against President Ruto.

“We believe that this election was stolen and rigged by UDA, IEBC in cahoots with some international interests and we have evidence of that,” he noted.

He added that the people of Kenya have a right to be angry as their will was subverted during the General Elections.

“If the will of the people is subverted by cartels of individuals working in cahoots with institutions within the state to steal an election and the people are not angry then something is wrong. We will stop at nothing to reclaim our victory.”

Makau also stated that the coalition is depressed because the results of the 2022 general elections surprised them.

According to Mutua, the signs of Azimio’s victory were so clear that even the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) was taken aback when they were announced the winners.

” If we are honest even UDA were surprised that they were declared winners as they never expected it. UDA knew and everyone knew that Azimio was going to win,” Mutua said.

This comes on the heels of Raila’s public declaration that the Kenya Kwanza government does not have the mandate to rule and should resign.

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He has also urged his supporters to oppose the UDA party’s rule, which he claims they oppose.