Kirinyaga: Man Drowns While Celebrating His Birthday With Wife

A man in Kirinyaga County drowned in the Nyamindi River while celebrating his birthday with his wife on the riverbanks.

A police officer on the scene stated in a video that surfaced on Friday, February 3, that the man dived into the river to swim despite not knowing how and drowned.

The officer went on to say that the wife, who was on the riverbanks, was in shock as she watched her husband drown but was unable to save him.

“They came here to celebrate the man’s birthday but unfortunately, he did not know how to swim. We have been looking for him for three hours but we have not been able to find (his body) anywhere,” the officer stated. 

A resident recounted the events leading up to the ordeal, saying she had offered the couple drinking water at her home but had no idea they were on their way to the river.

“He was a young man. When I saw the lady, I was shocked because they had come with the man to drink water at my house,” the resident recalled.

The resident who reported the incident to the police stated that the woman called him to report that her husband had drowned moments after they arrived at the river bank.

“We did not know their intention when they came to the river but I later received a phone call from the lady informing me that the man had drowned,” he explained.

Later, the wife was taken to the police station to record a statement.