Kivutha Kibwana Quits Elective Politics

Professor Kivutha Kibwana, former governor of Makueni, has announced his retirement from active politics.

In a statement on Saturday, Kibwana stated that it was time for him to transition from active politics to a role as a mentor for aspiring politicians.

“Today I announced that I have quit elective politics after serving the people of Makueni Constituency (2002-2007) & Makueni County (2013-2022), and 30 years of other public services. Thanks be to God, my former students, co-workers, and those I served,”  he said.

Kibwana served as governor for two terms, from 2013 to 2022, before moving on to the Senate, where he was defeated by Daniel Maanzo of the Wiper party.

He received 59,034 votes, while Maanzo received 177,273 votes.

Due to irreconcilable differences with the county Assembly members at the time, he was forced to push for the dissolution of the county government during his first term as governor.

Between 2002 and 2007, the law professor was also a Member of Parliament for the Makueni Constituency. During the Kibaki administration, he also served as an advisor to the Minister of Lands.

Kibwana was also instrumental in the campaign that resulted in Kenya receiving a new constitution in 2010, earning both domestic and international acclaim.