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Let’s party they said it will be fun they said

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BY STEPHANIE MWANGI – The weekend starts on a Friday so we would all walk to our favorite spot the coast cuisine it was a rounded table so we would all round up and trade our stories

There was one Kip the poet. Some called him ‘Kingpin’ reason being I don’t know why,

 Then we have Brandon the sports enthusiast. It was always about sports for him and the odd one out since he was a teetotaler.

 Then he really never stresses  about  anything so for example we have a group assignment due tomorrow  and we all panicking  he would tell us one thing ‘’usistress utafanya tu hii maisha haifai kuharakishwa ‘’  I mean this statement did really work for us .

Rocky as the name sounds he’s always jumpy like he is always dancing on every pathway we cross  and noisy too but the go to guy when you having issues . since he never tells out on anyone even the famous phrase “bros before hoes’’ he didn’t really have that kind of mentality

Loraine (slim ma’) the girl who never misses out on anything that happens on the gram you would even mistake that for being her full time job  since she liked every picture you think of double tapping on  I guess that’s why school was never her favorite  becauses fantasies have clouded her mind

 But I mean who loves school?? Talk of having to deal with assignment deadlines and having to stay up all night cramming for a paper

 Val (Rasta girl) so close to Loraine or rather best friends   they actually had the same traits they all love Instagram I don’t know they find it enticing sort of.

Josh the calmest guy amongst all of us but he had one unique trait he actually told his jokes through movies and music hip-hop to be specific but he always seemed to be having issues he used to wander a lot girl troubles I think.

Then there is me am not really sure how to describe myself noisy yes.

It’s been three months since we all last saw each other .we all talk on WhatsApp frequently sending silly forwards mostly we  all keep on planning to meet up but life intrudes with its own plans but the next time we meet it will be over something worth because life is for the living it will be Martello or our usual Remy martins so let’s get caught in the moment before responsibilities and real adult hood kicks in  because life flies over our head  and it does so fast .you blink you are a father/mother/wife/husband you blink again you are already 45 years old .

Talk about getting your kids to the best private institutions you also trying to save up for your retirement it’s a damn hustle plus old age is taking over.

Hopefully then we will round up at coast cuisine where it all began and we will be bold enough to order singleton   a balanced  light  natural drink  without having to ask for the price and how much that will translate to saving up for the future and kip being king up would knock the underside to stir up the concentration because he is good at that then he would pour some of it into his party cup  then pass on the bottle then pour some then anyone would raise and toast to anything long life ,power , money absolutely anything then  someone said lets party it will be fun

Nonetheless  those evenings were filled  with  mostly  insane  conversation blowing smoke   on each other’s faces we dreamt a lot  when that happened we didn’t go for the small dreams  we dreamt big as we could not only did we share the little we had on the table but also we shared the little we knew about life  and we hell yeah  did know a lot of stuff we felt like we would never age we were brave,hopeful,daring, and much more  that we could hold at that time.

We are not the same people we were actually nobody is, but even though we drifted apart, we somehow remained glued to each other through more responsibilities and challenges in life we will always find ourselves and gather around for a bottle of something funny enough we never did anything else never lunches or outdoor activities we always made sure it was over a bottle of whisky and that’s when they said lets party it will be fun

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