Madagascar’s Manuela Wins First African Swahili E-Sports

Tsiaro Manuela of Madagascar won the first African Female Swahili Esports Championships. NAICCON graciously hosted the event at the Sarit Center Expo in Nairobi.

The competition drew eight competitive competitors from various African countries, including Benin, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Kenya.

The selected battleground was TEKKEN, and the intensity of the conflicts highlighted the increasing potential in the African esports industry.

Tsiaro Mampiarina Manuela took first place, earning a well-deserved $1000 cash reward.

Queen Arrow came in second, with a notable performance that earned her a $500 cash reward.

Feble and Black Angel demonstrated their prowess, taking home $300 and $200, respectively.