Man Marries 7 Wives On The Same Day, Including 2 Sisters: “I Will Add More”

A Ugandan businessman Ssaalongo Nsikonenne Habib Ssezzigu has set tongues wagging on the internet after wedding seven wives on the same day.

The wedding ceremony was held at Bugereka village, in Mukono district on Sunday, September 10, 2023.

Two of the seven wives he married are biological sisters.

The function started at about 8 am in the morning, when the brides were taken to local salons for styling, before they were placed in waiting Super Custom vans, with specialized plates bearing the names of each of the brides.

After exchanging the marital vows, Nsikonnene and his seven wives held a big procession led by boda boda cyclists, through the towns of Kalagi, Kasana, and Nakifuma, before arriving at their home at 6 pm in the evening.

The wedding ceremony kicked off with a concert as the couples moved in a convoy amidst applause from people who had lined up on roadsides to witness the ceremony.

The wives include Mariam, Madinah, Aisha, Zainabu, Fatuma, Rashida, and Musanyusa, who is Habib’s first wife and has been with him for seven years.

Habib also bought the new brand cars as presents for each one of his wives.

At the reception, the brides found their seats prepared, each labelled with their own names.

Nsikonnene in his speech at the reception, commended his wives for being loyal to him.

“My wives harbour no jealousy amongst themselves,” he declared with pride.

“I introduced them separately and decided to wed them all at once to make one big happy family,”

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