Kenyan Coffee Maker Gets Ksh. 44M Shark Tank Funding

Margaret Nyamumbo, a New York-based Kenyan entrepreneur who went viral after her admirable pitch on the popular TV show Shark Tank, has secured a partnership with one of the investors.

In the viral video that went viral, Nyamumbo was seen asking for Ksh.44 million (350,000 USD) for 5% of her Kahawa 1893 coffee company, a presentation she delivered with grace.

It was unclear whether she had secured a deal with the ‘Sharks’ until she took to social media on Sunday morning to confirm that she had won a partnership with Emma Grede, co-founder and CEO of Good American.

“We did it! We got a deal. Emma! I am so excited to partner with the incredible @emmagrede to grow Kahawa and bring our mission to millions of women in the world! Let’s go,” she wrote on Twitter.

While speaking in the ‘Tank,’ Nyamumbo praised her coffee company as the best in the world and stated that she intends to provide equal and substantial compensation to coffee farmers, the majority of whom are women.

She went on to say that the appalling conditions farmers face without adequate compensation inspired her to devise strategies to achieve her goal.