Matungulu Residents Ask For More Solar Powered Boreholes

Residents of Kyaume village in Matungulu Sub-county have requested for powerful solar panels on a community borehole to alleviate their water concerns. 

According to the Kyaume Self-help Group, the village borehole served a school, a Dispensary, and the community, and residents went without water for days when the solar panels failed to perform. 

Mr Ndeto Mutuku, a plumber, stated that they have had water problems for the previous six months since the few panels are insufficient to pump water, especially when it is cold. 

He stated that the neighbouring school occasionally ran out of water, which was a dangerous scenario because pupils needed to maintain hygiene.

‘We appeal to the County government to help rehabilitate this borehole as it is the only source of water in the village,”said Mr Mutuku.

The County government has previously blamed villagers for vandalizing solar panels, claiming that they were motivated by politicians. 

The people use the water to quench their animals’ thirst as well as for other domestic purposes. 

When the water outflow is low, Mr Mutuku says, priority is normally given to the health facility and the school, leaving other users without water. 

Another resident, Ms Rose Nduku, stated that she had been without water for several days. 

She stated that the borehole had enough water to feed the town, but the pumping system was the issue.