Meghan Markle ignites fierce debate after wearing dress called ‘Windsor’ during Nigeria trip: ‘Done as a snub’

Meghan Markle sparked an online debate after wearing a designer gown ironically named “Windsor” on her recent trip to Nigeria.

Online sleuths did not miss the connection between the style name of the blush pink Heidi Merrick dress and the British royal house that Markle, 42, and husband Prince Harry, 39, infamously left in 2020.

While some wondered if it was a subtle nod to the House of Windsor, others saw it as an affront.

“But they have been trying to erase the Windsors from their lives completely, but here comes Mrs. Sussex wearing a dress called ‘Windsor’, haha!!” one person commented on X.

“Done as a snub. DEFINITELY,” another royal follower added.

“Meghan Markle is desperate to have ties to Windsor name,” wrote another.

“Her strategic marriage and un-strategic moves since then have backfired. Like a dress with the name gives her the legitimacy that continues to elude her!”

Others chalked up the Duchess of Sussex’s ensemble to mere coincidence.

“Honestly, I think people read too much into this stuff,” another woman wrote on X.

“She wears a dress and suddenly it’s a secret message? Maybe she just liked the dress.”

The tiered silk number with back cutout details is now sold out — but went for a whopping $1,350 when it was in stock, according to the designer’s website.

The “Suits” alum donned the maxi dress on a visit to a school Friday with Prince Harry.

The couple was invited to Nigeria by the West African country’s chief of defense staff — its highest-ranking military official.

They met at Heathrow Airport on Thursday following another head-scratching decision from Markle.

She opted out of joining her husband for a quick trip back to London to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, which the prince founded to help wounded and sick service members and veterans.