Meru MCAs Dress In Black Suits, Red Ties Ahead Of Mwangaza’s Ouster Motion

Meru MCAs wore black and white suits with red ties as the impeachment motion against Governor Kawira Mwangaza began on Wednesday.

Before the debate, MCAs danced, prayed, and worshiped in the county assembly.

One of the MCAs lead a prayer session before they sang and danced. Earlier, the MCAs gathered and sang outside the assembly.

The MCAs were seen dancing and singing ‘kaende kaende’ in a video obtained by Uzalendo News.

This follows the reintroduction of an impeachment motion against the governor.

They want her removed from office due to alleged gross misconduct, the appointment of her husband to a county office, and the alleged dismissal of county officers.

The Meru court halted the impeachment motion on November 30.

Justice Wamae Cherere ruled that the motion to remove Mwangaza did not follow the proper procedure.

“I’m guided by the principle that a party, such as a petitioner, is not required to suffer illegality or breach of her rights and resultant injustice on the solace that her grievance would be remedy either by the assembly or the Senate,” she said.

“Upon considering the application and preliminary objection and after hearing the presentations of the council, this court finds that the procedure adopted by the respondent to process the proposed motion of impeachment is flawed and has the effect of violating her constitutional rights,” she ruled.

Mwangaza had appointed her husband, Murega Baichu as the patron of the Meru Youth Service. 

According to the MCAs, she did not conduct a transparent and competitive recruitment process.