Migori Residents Pleads With Government To Adress A 5-Month Power Outage

Residents of Thim-Lich in Nyatike, Migori County, pleads the government to assist them in installing electricity after being without power for more than five months.

Residents led by Erick Odhiambo Omollo claim that a number of electricity poles in the area have collapsed after the transformer that serves them developed mechanical problems several months ago.

Omollo stated that the prospect of receiving electricity in the near future is dimming by the day because the entire power line is failing due to a lack of maintenance over a long period of time.

He said they have been waiting for so long to see the faulty transformer and the whole power line services replaced but in vain.

Omollo said they have remained in darkness for longer and they appeal to the government to come to their rescue.

He said a number of people running power-dependent businesses have been forced to close down their shop because of the prolonged power outage.

“Sisi hatuna stima…watu wengi wako na welding hapa na hatuna stima. Walituletea hapa transformer lakini poles zimeanguka kutoka Ndiu hadi Thim Lich. Hapa katikati mashemeji wako na stima na wanatuchekelea,” he lamented.

mbunge wetu afuatilie jinsi hii transformer yetu itafanya kazi.”