Mike Sonko Hires New Lawyers To Thwart Graft Charges

Mike Mbuvi Sonko, who was ousted from Nairobi City county’s gubernatorial office, has now unveiled a new team of lawyers for his Ksh14m graft charges.

The new appointees, Prof Migai Aketch and Evans Ondieki will replace six lawyers who quit early March.

The six included household names such as John Khaminwa and Assa Nyakundi.

The advocates cited alleged that Magistrate Douglas Ogoti expressed unfairness towards Mike Sonko while handling his case.

Khaminwa also questioned the absence of the media within the case yet it is a public trial.

At one point, journalists were not allowed to enter the court room. He added that the trial was being conducted contrary to the law and constitution.

“I do not want to participate in an illegal process,” Dr Khaminwa told the media as he quit the case.

Early February, Sonko had fired his initial legal team and appointed a new team led by Khaminwa to preside over the case.

Dr Khaminwa says Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti insists on continuing with the case against advice of six doctors, who say Sonko should rest after recent discharge from hospital.

The former governor was recently discharged after almost a month at The Nairobi Hospital.