Ministry of Health to Partner with WHO to Share Malaria Vaccine

Written By Vanessa Kariuki || 

A WHO mission is in Western Kenya with the MOH and partners to evaluate and record the effects of the malaria vaccine there.

During the pilots, they received overwhelming confirmation of its effectiveness in lowering hospital admissions and the severity of malaria attacks.

In 26 sub-counties, 1,052,826 children have received at least one dose of the malaria vaccine as part of the trial programs that end this year.

Following the WHO’s recommendation for broader use of the vaccine in October 2021, Kenya will soon roll out the vaccine to an additional 25 sub-counties.

The number of children being admitted with severe malaria has significantly decreased, according to Dr. Gregory Ganda, CEC for Kisumu County.

“My last two children have escaped malaria attacks and are safe because of the vaccine,” one mother Eunice Aoko, Chemelili, Kisumu County, said.