Mobetto’s Diamond tattoo returns to haunt her Lovelife

BY STEPHANIE MWANGI – Mobetto’s decision when she was in love with Diamond platnumz returns to haunt her.

Tanzanians model Hamissa Mobeto tattooed diamond platnumz nickname ‘Chibu’ on her side boob and she now has to live with the image permanently inscribed on her skin

Sources say that the decision has returned to haunt the 24 year old given she fears undressing before a new man ”

That explains why hammisa hasn’t gotten into a new relationship her tattoo isn’t easy to erase what happens when she gets a new man and he comes across the name of another man diamond platnumz I inscribed on her skin. This is quite a lesson that we should invest so much in people who we ain’t sure of his or her long terms plan for us

Mobetto and Diamond share a one year old son together

In a previous interview she said she had been diamond’s side since 2009
The mother of two hoped that the two would wed

Diamond platnumz who has dated others -actress wema sepetu, Uganda socialite zari Hassan, and now tanasha Donna oketch a Kenyan

And they are expecting a baby in September.

However Mobetto can still remove the tattoo by either laser surgery, surgical removal, dermabrasion