MOH, Stakeholders Collaborate to Strengthen Disaster Response Amid Heavy Rains

The Ministry of Health is taking proactive measures to improve its preparedness and response in light of the persistently heavy rains that are impeding the delivery of health services and raising the risk of waterborne illnesses.

The Ministry has created a thorough backup plan to deal with both the worst-case and usual effects of the rains.

Disaster response and healthcare resilience are fields that demand teamwork from a wide range of stakeholders in order to succeed. To support readiness and response initiatives, the Ministry is actively collaborating and working with a range of government agencies.

An important turning point in this cooperative project was reached during a stakeholders meeting where an efficient response plan was presented.

The effectiveness of the Ministry’s response plans continues to depend heavily on the invaluable support and collaboration from partners, both inside and outside the healthcare industry. The government pledges to provide the required framework of regulations, leadership, and coordination.

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