Muheria: ‘Annointed’ Soldier against the evil spirits of graft

Apart from their constant appearance at the alter to administer to priestly duties, Men of the cloth have a moral duty to call out social ills that plague societies – By Gerald Gekara.

But in the last decade, not much dust has been rattled by the church, unless you’d count theatrics of Pastor Nganga and the Man who made his chemistry teacher smile, Kanyari.

The advent of Bishop Anthony Muheria has however, come to the rescue. Since his ascension to Archbishop in the Archdiocese of Nyeri, Muheria has been echoing the likes of Archbishop Ndingi Mwana’a Nzeki, Bishop Cornelius Kipng’eno Korir, Archbishop Zacchaeus Okoth, and Bishop Alexander Muge.

His firm approach to slaying the dragon of corruption has won him accolades with the common mwananchi. After launching the campaign, the bishop has from time to time pointed a finger at leaders suspected to have been behind multi-million shilling scams, urging them to forego their ways before the law catches up with them.

His peers, however, seem to be oiling the gears of corruption by turning their masses into mere electorates attending political rallies. These churches have opened their flood gates to Millions and millions worth of ‘donations’ given by characters still soiled with corruption charges against them.

For instance, if a politician donates stolen public loot towards upgrading a local mabati structure church to a stone-walled auditorium, it is obvious that the bishop will influence his congregation to cast in favor of the generous man. It’s not rocket science.

But not Muheria. After his realization that the church is being used as corruption sanitizers for guilty politicians, he issued a directive, to disapprove any donations from politicians. Backed by his brother Patrick Njoroge’s decision to demonetize the country’s highest note value, bedroom bankers were cornered.

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The hard work by the learned man has also been recognized by the Pope Himself. His efforts to fight corruption made him an Opus Dei, the first African priest to don the rank. Even when he stands up to address the Word of God, you can feel you are listening to something special.

It will only be right if we join him in supporting his efforts to fight the corrupt officials charged with dispensing the top-notch service we deserve.

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