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Muheria recruits youth into Holy war against corruption

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BY PRUDENCE WANZA – The Kenya Catholic Bishops have now recruited the youth in a fresh war against graft.

In a statement issued by Nyeri Archbishop Anthony Muheria, the Bishops said new graft networks are hurting the youth most, hence the need for them to join the war on the vice.

Muheria said the youth should no longer be passive as their furure is ruined by corruprion.

“Time for the youth to stand firm against corruption is now”, Muheria said.
He said the youth are the foremost foundation for state and church, hence the need to secure their future
He reminded them of the Pope Francis invitation to strongly fight corruption and not to be lured into the vice.

In an anti corruption campaign that has been ongoing led by the Kenya Catholic Bishops, the youth are being called in a special way to stand firm and fight He ssid Kenya risked of being consumed by vice unless mitigative factors are put in place.
The extoled the to value honesty and uphold ethical practices, adding that illl gotten wealth will come back to haunt whoever acquires it.

“The youth should refuse to be involved in any acts of corruption. As a young person you may suffer but in the long run this is the way to slay this monster of corruption and just like David against Goliath we will slay graft”, he said.

This is the way to cure ourselves of this illness,to bring back Christ and God back into the sacred space of our hearts and of our church.

Young people are the future of this country and they should fight to break the chains of corruption.

When Catholic Bishops converged at the Subukia Shrines on 5th October,2019 we witnessed a prophetic gesture where catholic bishops of Kenya walked without shoes and knelt before the alter tonpray for gods mercy and forgiveness because all of us have committed the sin of corruption whose root is selfishness.

This act reminds us when Moses knelt before God with no shoes and was later given the commandments of God which the people followed.

It is therefore everyone’s role however young you may be to fight against corruption and to bring back Godliness in our lives,churches,families and the society.

We should also remember that God wants the world to be a holy place,not a place of sin and corruption.

The youth should be guided by what is good to receive a lot of blessings so that this animal called corruption does not swallow our children, country and whatever that is ours by feeding him.

Let us therefore kill corruption and get God back into our lives to fight against corruption where ever we are.

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