Murang’a County Takes Steps in Eradicating Illiteracy Through Adult Education and Continuing Education

On the occasion of International Literacy Day, Murang’a County residents and stakeholders recognised the progress made in eradicating illiteracy via adult and continuing education.

Despite the high levels of illiteracy in Murang’a, the county’s director of Adult Education and Continuing Education, Rachael Mukami, claimed that the community had seen development as more residents have embraced adult education despite the high rates of illiteracy in the area.

“There are many reasons why various people did not go to school when they were young while many others dropped out for various reasons and adult education gives them a chance to acquire education,” Mukami said.

Every year on September 8, International Literacy Day is observed, and this year, Murang’a County staged activities in the Murang’a East and Murang’a South sub-counties.

This year’s KCPE and KCSE exams will be taken by 17 students enrolled in adult education programmes throughout the county.

The director noted that stigma was a significant barrier, preventing certain members of the community from enrolling in adult education. As a result, the community has to be sensitised to encourage more adults to join so they may receive training in a variety of skills that can be used to generate revenue.

Mukami requested the government to increase funding for adult education in order to hire more trained teachers and establish more adult education centres because there is still a significant literacy gap in the community.

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