Murang’a University rejects Raila’s Proposal to rename institution

Murang'a University - PHOTO COURTESY

Murang’a University of Technology has dismissed a proposal have the school named after the late politician Kenneth Matiba.

Led by its institution’s principal Joakim Gitonga, the university disagreed with the proposal that had been brought up by Raila Odinga during its graduation ceremony held in August 2018. Nominated legislator Isaac Mwaura recently reignited the proposal.

“Today’s Murang’a University of Technology was built using contributions from different people including those who lived outside Murang’a but had roots in the county. We strongly disagree with the proposal,” Gitonga told the Publication.

“Murang’a University is a brand and it is doing very well. Changing the name would mean coming up with a new strategy to brand it. The students are not for the idea,” Vice-Chancellor Professor Dickson Nyariki stated.

Raila Odinga had alleged that the University should honour the struggle that Kenneth Matiba put up, alleging that he had spoken to the university leaders to change it.

“I want to make a proposal to the university council so that this university be renamed to Kenneth Matiba University,” Said Raila Odinga.