Mwangangi: Plant More Trees, Make Machakos Green

Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi / PHOTO BY MONICA MAKALI/ UZALENDO NEWS

Machakos County Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi has called on the county residents to plant trees.

Speaking at Thatha, Machakos county, he says it is important for people to plant trees due to climate change.

“Due to increased population, people have cleared forests to construct factories thus leaving no vegetation around. We, therefore, urge you to plant more trees to make Machakos green.”

MCA Alphonce Nzioka of Kivaa ward echoes his sentiments saying it is the right time to plant trees due to climate change being felt by Kenyans.

He also has called upon the leaders to support the leadership saying he will deliver as the elected MCA promising to work closely with the governor.

Francis Kyalo, Ndalani ward MCA echoing his sentiments says the time for politics is over and it’s now time to work without involving party politics.

“Let’s not fight over politics because every time there is a fight only the people who elected them will suffer while they elected us to work for them. Machakos needs true leadership, not parties because we want to bring development.”

He had insisted on tree planting due to climate change.

“It is a rainy season so let’s take advantage and plant trees to change our environment.”

Kithimani MCA Paul Mwanzia Muli promising to deliver to the people asks the county government to develop a program where people are supplied with seedlings.” some may want to plant trees but do not have money to buy.

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