Intense CRBC Expressway Works Carry Hopes For Nairobi Motorists

The eagerly awaited Nairobi Expressway is at an advanced stage, with the contractor alreay gearing up for tarmacking.

The road project that has caused painstaking traffic jams has been largely successful, beating previous construction records in the country.

Safety walls have had great help for motorists who previously would have had to take their chances alongside dangerous machinery and towering concrete and steel barriers while commuting.


The 27.1 Kilometer road starts at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to James Gichuru road.

CRBC has employed technology to carry out what is now known as the fastest road construction project in the nation’s history.

The China Road and Bridge Construction (CRBC) company say their work schedule is within time despite minor hiccups in relations to heavy rains and the traffic.

Major works that included a viaduct from the Southern bypass interchange to the Westlands area are well ahead of scheduled time.

The $600 million project is set for initial completion in December 2021, about 6 months ahead of the scheduled time.

The project has enabled more than 3,400 local youth to take up employment opportunities, and offer on-site training and experience due to exposure to diverse construction techniques implemented in the iconic project.