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Nairobi Governor Sonko to provide ‘FREE’ water, vows to eliminate rogue water cartels

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After a damning expose by KTN News, Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko has introduced a raft of measures to end the alleged suffering by Nairobi residents who have been suffering from lack of clean water.

In a stake holders meeting that roped in county departments, Governor Sonko cited that the completion of the Northern Collector Tunnel funded by the World bank and French development agency in partnership with the National government at a loan of 21B, will inject an additional 140 million litres of water per day, significantly reducing the current deficit.

Other measures taken will include a Ksh.100 million investment to the NCWSC and Athi Water Services Board for drilling boreholes across Nairobi,

He went on to further argue that instead of leasing drilling equipment at a cost of over Ksh.200 million per year, the Companies will procure their own immediately, and the remaining funds to go towards expediting the drilling of more boreholes at a cheaper cost.

Perhaps the most notable part of the speech, was Free Water for all affected areas.

“Starting December 1st 2019, the Nairobi Water Company shall be supplying water FOR FREE to affected estates and informal settlements. To realize this, the Company shall deploy all their 15 water bowsers, each with the capacity of 10,000 litres to supply water to needy residents daily.” Sonko Says.

21 Sonko Rescue Team (SRT) water bowsers will also be used to suppliment the water distribution gap currently experienced by the Nairobi Water company.

The governor went on to issue a stern warning to all private water vendors, to desist from using County water infrastructure for their own benefits, claiming that they will be required to sell their water to the county, for further distribution to Kenyans.

“If these private vendors have any other sources of water apart from what is stolen from the County water infrastructure, they shall be required to sell their water to the NCWSC for onward distribution to City Residents for FREE.” Remarked Sonko.

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