Nairobi Motorists To Pay More For Parking as County Hikes Parking Fee

Parking fees in Nairobi increased from Sh200 to Sh300 for saloon car owners on Thursday.

The additional fee goes into effect after Governor Johnson Sakaja signed the City County Finance Bill 2023 a fortnight ago, as part of his plan to raise Sh42.3 billion in the fiscal year 2023/24. Last year, the county collected Sh25 billion in revenue.

Motorists who park vans or pick-ups in Zone I will have to pay a daily fee of Sh500 instead of the initial Sh200.

Parking a truck weighing more than five tonnes in Zone 1 will cost Sh3,000 per day, up from Sh1,000, and parking a trailer will cost Sh4,000, up from Sh3,000.

At the same time, the governor has instituted a monthly fee of Sh3,000 for non-digital taxis wishing to park in Zone I, effectively ending their free parking.

Zone II includes off-street parking at commercial centres as well as parking at the County Market, which is not automated.

However, parking in Zone II for saloon car drivers has been reduced from Sh200 to Sh100, a move that the county claims will encourage motorists to avoid the CBD area, thereby decongesting the city.

However, motorists will continue to enjoy free parking on Sundays and public holidays.

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