The famous musician, Nameless, has lost his Instagram account to hackers. His account, which is verified and has more than 1.2 million followers, was on Monday taken over by hackers who are suspected to be from Iraq. – By Sharon Maina.

The news was first shared by his wife, fellow musician Wahu, who posted, “Hey fam. NAMELESS INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED. We are working to resolve the issue but for now please disregard any posts coming from Nameless kenya account.”

Nameless said his team was working to recovery the vibrant account, but in the meantime he would be using his other social pages to communicate with his fans.

“Hey fam… Just to let you know, my IG account was hacked Jana..… We are working with a dedicated team to sort it out, and pray that we will be back in control ASAP. Will keep you updated. For now I will be communicating though here and Twitter, na pia Tiktok , hapo naweza release stress na madance stingo,” Nameless  posted on Facebook.

Sadly he is not the only Kenyan celebrity who has lost his account to hackers as we have seen others such as Jalang’o ,Dj Pierra,Dennis Okari just to mention but a few. We wish him all the best in trying to recover his account.