Naomi Campbell charged us nothing for being a tourist ambassador

“if we were to pay Naomi she would  wipe a good chunk of our destination marketing budget .those of you think  we paid  millions to get her I bet you we paid nothing and all this is a personal goodwill from tourism CS Najib Balala stated the Kenya Tourism federation chair Mohammed Hersi.

He also went on to answer why they didn’t pick Lupita and he said : “ lupita may be our daughter but she is now a high flying brand and if we are to get her be prepared to pay top dollar for her brand .even her father the Kisumu governor cannot use her face to promote Kisumu .

When you get to Lupita’s level agents run the show they monetize every single show.  And he also added that Naomi has 10 million followers and Lupita has 8.9 million followers on Instagram and that Naomi has been to Kenya each December for the past 15 years and she even has a Giriama name Kadzo.

. he went on to tell the supermodel to not delve too much in comments made by Kenyans on social media  when they go low you go high keep soaring