Narok: Early Valentine For People Living With Disability

Persons Living with disabilities had a rare opportunity of making merry and receiving gifts after a church in Narok held an early Valentine event to celebrate the special group yesterday.

The celebrations held at Hope Restoration Center in Narok Central Sub County brought together hundreds of persons living with disability in the county in an event where they demonstrated their various talents as they enjoyed different kinds of foods.

The host Bishop Patrick Ngigi encouraged members of the public to support and give job opportunities to persons living with disability as they too were differently abled and can deliver services like any other person.

“Most of these people are highly learned and can deliver services that any other person can deliver. I ask the county public service board and other employers to consider giving them a chance to work for their nation,” he said.

At the same time, Ngigi called on residents who hide persons living with disability to expose them to the public so that they can get help from the various government institutions.

The Narok Disabled Integrated Programme Chairman Paul Ole Sopia thanked Bishop Ngigi for creating a chance for the persons living with disability to come together, eat and rejoice together.

Ole Sopia said the unique opportunity offers the special group a moment of encouraging one another as they share their experiences.

“We come from different parts of this county and we all have different challenges and experiences. Today we have a chance to meet and interact with one another,” he said.

He said the group has unique challenges hence called on the government to look at their interests by ensuring they put up structures in schools, hospitals and other public buildings that are friendly to the group.

Peninah Karia, a visually challenged woman asked the government to consider putting a special budget for the persons living with disability as there are many suffering in poverty without anyone to give them help.

While citing that Disability is not Inability, Ms. Karia called on the county government of Narok to increase chances of employment for persons living with disability so that they too can give their families a decent livelihood.