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Netflix shamed for charging deactivated streaming accounts

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Former Netflix users who have canceled their subscription with Netflix are complaining of their former accounts being reactivated and charged.

According to an article by the BBC  criminals can log into the accounts and reactivate them and even go a further step of changing ones information and signing them up for the most expensive subscriptions.

Users have also gone to twitter to complain that their accounts have been hacked and credit card used but Netflix would not refund them the money used.

 One Emily Keen from Oxford cancelled her Netflix service in April 2019, but found her account had been charged £11.99 by Netflix in September.

“It turns out the criminals had changed my login details completely and had signed me up for the most expensive service.”

She said: “I tried to login to my account, but it said my email and password had not been recognized.

Netflix says the safety of its members’ accounts is top priority, and members who notice any unusual activity on their account should contact them immediately.

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