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Jowie to remain behind bars awaiting bail ruling February 2020

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The court has ruled that Joseph Irungu alias Jowie,will behind bars till 13th February,2020 awaiting his bail ruling. This will be the second Christmas Jowie spends in prison since his arrest last year 2018.

Jowie is charged with the murder of Monica Kimani alongside journalist Jacque Maribe.

Today the househelp of Maribe at the time of the murder testified in court. Paemla Kembo took the court through the events of the night Jowie shot himself.

Kembo told Justice James Wakiaga that usually Jowie took Maribe to work and then would come back to sleep. She said before she started working for Maribe she had worked for Terryanne Chebet for five years who actually referred her to Maribe.

Kembo said on 19th September, 2018 Jowie took Maribe to work and came back home but around 4.00pm he left the house wearing grey shorts, white shirt, sneakers and carried a black back bag.

However,Kembo said she did not hear the time both Maribe and Jowie came back home that night but as usual on 20th September Jowie took Maribe to work and came back home.

At around 1am that night she heard Jowie shouting and asking Brian Kasaine for help. She then left her room and found Jowie’s clothes and belongings downstairs.

She says later she saw Kasaine, a neighbor and his wife in the house asking for Jowie’s ID.

“Brian was saying they can’t take him to hospital without an ID. I then saw Jacque come from upstairs and followed Brian and wife outside.” Kembo said

She then went to check on Maribe’s son but she swa their bedroom light on and decided to go switch it off. On arrival she saw a gun down there and blood near their bathroom on the floor.

Kembo then proceeded downstairs and called Chebet to tell her what had happened.

She said later Jowie and Maribe came back with his hand bandaged.

Later policemen visited Maribe’s house went to the master bedroom and left with Jowie.

She recounts that on that day Maribe had to use uber to get to work.

Later during the day Jowie came back at 2.00pm with the police who later left at 6.30pm with Jowie.

Kembo said since that day the house was locked and she has never seen Maribe or Jowie.

The househelp said that she enjoyed a good relationship with Maribe but not with Jowie. She said Jowie had accused her of stealing the house rent.

She also said she never heard any gunshots on the night Jowie allegedly shot himself.

However, Kembo stated that she did not know how Jowie’s clothes got downstairs. But both Maribe and Jowie had a good relationship and she never saw anything bad between them for the time she worked for them.

The hearing of the case will resume in March 2020.

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