The Kilifi county government has begun the construction of Malanga dispensary in Sokoke ward, a facility that is expected to address healthcare to the thousands of residents within Malanga and the larger part of Sokoke ward. 

Speaking to residents after handing over the site to contractors, Sokoke ward MCA Thaura Mweni said that the dispensary will play a big role in serving the community in Malanga that has been forced to walk to long distances to as far as Vitengeni and Ganze to seek medical services. 

“The Malanga dispensary upon its completion will help thousands of households from Malanga sub location and the neighbouring sub locations to secure quality, accessible and affordable medical and health care services,” he said during the ground breaking ceremony for the facility. 

Sokoke MCA Thaura Mweni, laying a foundation stone for the construction of Malanga dispensary in Kilifi County.

Mr Thaura who is also the chairman of the county assembly committee on health said issues to do with healthcare form part of the most crucial community engagement and that is why he has been spearheading programs for proper healthcare service delivery from the devolved government to the community in Kilifi County. 

“I have been working closely with the county health department to ensure that Sokoke ward becomes a super healthy ward. We must all appreciate the fact that development of a region and well-being of the people cannot be achieved without proper health care systems,” he said. 

Last week, the MCA opened Ndigiria dispensary and he told Uzalendo News that he will soon open both Bale and Kwa Dadu Dispensaries.  

“Our focus on healthcare of our people remains key and that is why the governor Amason Kingi led administration has been pumping a lot of funds to the health department in addressing the same,” he said. 

Sokoke residents at the site where the Malanga dispensary shall be constructed.

Mr Thaura also handed over site for the construction of Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) classrooms at Forodhoyo Primary school in Mitsedzini sub location. 

“The classrooms at Forodhoyo Primary school will help in preparation of the kids for primary education and it will also assist in holistic development of the child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and well-being,” said Mr Mweni.