No Money For More Vaccines — Treasury Announces

A Report has revealed the National Treasury’s failure to to allocate Sh4.5 billion to purchase the second phase of Covid-19 vaccination. – By Gerald Gekara and agencies

The mis-allocation was noted by the Parliamentary Budget and Appropriation committee which pointed out that the Treasury did not factor in a spending plan for the second phase of the inoculation in July.

According to experts, the failed allocation could set back Kenya’s target to vaccine 16 Million people by August 2021.

“That there is no mention in the BPS 2021 regarding the acquisition and availability of vaccines for Covid-19 and whether it is one of the government priorities in the 2021/22 and over the medium term as part of Covid-19 interventions. Further, no resources have been provided for the acquisition of vaccines,” said the health committee

President Uhuru Kenyatta said Government has put in place robust policy measures on how the vaccination campaign will be conducted.

Kenya this week received 1.02 million doses of the vaccines enough for slightly over 500,000 people requiring two doses eight to 12 weeks apart.

The vaccines are part of the global COVAX program by the United Nations, GAVI, World Health Organization and other Health groups.