Nyeri Court of Appeal Upholds Life Sentence For Pedophile

A Nyeri man convicted of defiling a juvenile niece will spend the rest of his life in jail after his second appeal was denied.

John Bundi Koome had accused the victim’s mother and his wife for framing him.

Bundi was found guilty of raping eight-year-old GG on several days between August 23 and October 4, 2014 by a local magistrate’s court in Nyeri.

According to court records, the man entered the complex of GG’s aunt’s house and discovered her playing in the field. He later took GG, covered her eyes and mouth so she couldn’t cry for aid, and brought her to the home to contaminate her.

Bundi stated that he knew the complainant as his niece, who was around nine years old.

He further said the indictment document said that he violated the girl in August and October, but the mother only specified October.

However, in a December 2016 ruling, the court refused to hear any of that and instead convicted and sentenced him to life in prison.

Undaunted, he reorganized his ideas and applied to the Court of Appeal in January 2017.

The three-judge panel dismissed his appeal, ruling that the two courts were correctly persuaded of defilement and that “penetration had been established.”

“We are confident that both courts below reached the correct judgment after examining the evidence of the girl, her mother, and the medical evidence submitted in court.”

“We are satisfied that both courts below arrived at the correct conclusion after considering the evidence of the child, her mother, and the medical evidence presented to court,” the judges wrote. “The medical evidence confirmed the act of penetration, thus [corroborating] the evidence of the child and her mother.”

The court ruled that because the guy was the child’s uncle, they lived in the same neighborhood, and the conduct was committed in broad daylight, the issue of mistaken identification could not be used.