Opinion: Ruto squarely under the bus as Uhuru muddies ground

Make no mistake. Uhuru Kenyatta, the 4th President of Kenya has no problem with the Kalenjin. He will not loose sleep over a Kalenjin as a successor. – By Henry Kimoli.

President Kenyatta has a problem with DP Ruto succeeding him… Or is play acting. The narrative of another tribe succeeding is a ploy to hang out Ruto to dry, via the Kalenjin label.

The Kikuyu line makes sense. None of the current Kikuyu leaders have the pedigree for Presidency. And so they can be “sacrificed” along Ruto.

So what next?

Ruto will seek to annihilate the dynasties as paraded during the burial of Hannah Mudavadi, mother of Musalia aka MDVD.

He will shout from the roof tops that hustlers are the target…that Uhuru is AGAINST the common man (whatever that means) taking over at State House.

Uhuru is a political fox. Politics is in his DNA….he knows when to hit back.

Has he gotten his math right?

The Luhya want to rule Kenya. If the Luo can be blinded to buy the narrative, Ruto is cooked.

Add the Kamba and the Coastal people and you have a political battle at your hands.

Should the Uhuru wish fail to materialise, he loses nothing.

He will retire peacefully and say he attempted to hand over power to the 39 other tribes….but they chose to coronate Ruto.

Uhuru will enjoy security of tenure after October 26th 2022. He will be untouchable…by whoever succeeds him.

At his age, he will be politically active…he is a Kenyatta and other Kenyatta will one day want to rule Kenyatta.

Could the President be laying foundation for this eventuality? Your guess is as good as mine.

Before then, the Kalenjin nation will be livid.

They had developed a false sense of entitlement to the Presidency…and hoped for a rotation with the Kikuyu.

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi with Uhuru Kenyatta.

To protect this, they have been very hostile to Gideon Moi, accusing him of spoiling for Ruto.

Now, according to the President, their time is up.. Another tribe, a fresh man at state House.

The President is a politician’s politician. He is testing waters in good time. He knows politics is not about what you like, but the reality.

Ruto’s supporters will continue to hope that the political madness that divides the Luhia continues…so that they can poke the President’s eye.

2022 is the ultimate chance for Mudavadi to rule Kenya…or retire honourably.

House of Cards

How he plays his cards will determine his life after Uhuru.

By demanding that a new tribe rules Kenya, Uhuru has caught the Tanga Tanga brigade napping…and captured them as war prisoners of sorts.

Effectively, Uhuru is saying enough is enough for the Kikuyu and Kalenjin control of Kenya’s resources. He wants another tribe at the helm. DP Ruto is livid. His supporters are breathing fire and brimstone.

So Why has Uhuru suddenly taken this direction?

DP Ruto has destroyed him in Central province through his hustler nation narrative. Ruto has more followers in Central than any other part of the country. He has actually smoked out the President from his political bedroom. Uhuru is fighting to reclaim his space.

Assume that Ruto has acquired 40 per cent support among the Kikuyu…the best he can offer them is a running mate…and maybe a third of his Hustler government.

Worst case scenario, the President has 40 per cent support of GEMA…he auctions them for a running mate position to say Raila or Musalia…neutralises Ruto…game on.

Things are elephant, as columnist Kwendo Opanga loves to say.